At Butterworks we believe in a strong local food system that
sustains farms, families, and community for future generations.

Our customers know our commitment to our farm and community
means simple, tasty, versatile, nutritious food made with love.

We know and love our cows up close and personal. The deliciousness of our
products is a reflection of the care and comfort we provide for our animals.

From the beginning Butterworks’ mission has been to build healthy soils, grow nutrient rich crops
and forages, to lovingly feed, milk and care for healthy, happy cows and make the best yogurt ever.

Hard work and vigilance, sunshine and rain, Jersey cows and lush
pasture- together we make the magic of our exceptional products.

We believe in building strong relationships with our
families, our customers, our cows and the land.

Explore the fields and barns on our website to learn more about how forty years and 3 generations continue to bring you premium quality products

Organic, Happy, Healthy, 100% Grass Fed Jersey Cows make the richest sweetest milk. Try our Yogurt, Kefir and Buttermilk and experience the difference!
Our yogurts, kefirs, cream, and buttermilk are available at co-ops, Hannafords, independent grocery stores and health food stores throughout Vermont and New England.

Butterworks Farm is a farm where a cow can be a cow.

From Spring and Summer’s luscious rotationally grazed pastures to Fall and Winter’s cushy bedded pack solar barn our girls live the good life in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. These happy cows make rich, creamy, high protein milk. Our exceptional artisan yogurts, kefirs, buttermilk and delicious heavy cream come to you with love and care you can taste. We tend and nurture the soil, the pasture, the crops and the cows to provide you with the highest quality food for your table. Your support ensures the continuation of a forty year strong family farm.


Butterworks Farm 100% Grassfed Vermont Organic


Where to find Butterworks Yogurt

These stores in our area proudly sell Butterworks Products and help support the strong local food system we all know and love:

  • A Market Natural Foods, Manchester, NH
  • Adamant Co-op, Adamant, VT
  • Berry Creek Farm, Westfield, VT
  • Brattleboro Co-op, Brattleboro, VT

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