We grow a variety of hay and grain crops on 350 acres of land.

Mineralized soils, high in organic matter, produce three cuts of hay for a deluxe “cow salad”. Many different varieties of grass and legumes grow and thrive in our hayfields. Timothy, brome, fescue, orchard grass, alfalfa, and an assortment of clovers feed our herd well and are essential to the rich color, sweet taste and creaminess of the milk all winter long.

Over 150 acres of grain crops are raised here for livestock and people to eat as well as for seed to plant the following year. Corn, oats, barley, peas and soybeans we grow are used in mixtures we grind here for the animals. Early Riser is a special corn variety we grow for seed and cornmeal. Its orange color, and heavy texture are perfect for the high quality, fresh ground cornmeal our customers love.

Wheat, open pollinated corn, spelt, rye, sunflowers and dry beans are grown in rotation with the other crops to provide excellent quality, nutritious local whole grain, flours, meals and oil for ourselves and our community.