are a herd of very friendly and sometimes precocious Jerseys. Each has her own name and stanchion in the barn during milking. We choose Jerseys for their ability to produce milk on a diet composed of at least 80% forage. High fiber and mineral rich grains grown and ground on our farm are given for body conditioning rather than for high milk production. This quality before quantity focus is upheld in our breeding as well. We choose only bulls whose daughters are good grazers and whose milk has high nutritional components. All our cows are born here on the farm. Weaned from milk at four months, turned out on pasture at six months, bred at fifteen months, and after having their first calves at twenty-four months are introduced to being milked. By the time they are three years old, these hard-working girls are all business, producing milk of exeptional quality and creaminess and providing a perfect foundation for our superb line of dairy products.